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Visibility Control and Effectiveness
NforcePro GRC Platform

Today organizations face unprecedented challenges to comply with demanding regulatory compliance, mitigate business risk and improve stakeholder confidence
NforcePro focus is to provide Integrated GRC Solution to an enterprise and optimize its business performance

Flexible GRC Framework to Enable Rapid Deployment of GRC Solution


  • Configurable GRC Framework

    Ability to manage and leverage GRC repository for multi dimensional reporting

  • Flexible Assessment Framework

    Setup Assessment templates, schedule and automate with mobile interface

  • Standardized Testing Framework

    Rule based automated testing with access driven workflow

  • Document Management Framework

    Context sensitive document attachments, document reviews and approvals

  • Issue Management Framework

    Capture findings, initiate Action Plans and report Remediation

NforcePro GRC Solutions

NforcePro offers a flexible Framework to deploy multiple GRC Solutions on a Single Platform with
workflow enabled Reviews and Approvals, Mobile enabled Task Management, Role based Access Security, Interactive Reports and Dashboards

Integrated GRC Platform

Effective Governance Risk Mitigation Control Assurance