NforcePro Assessment

Cloud and Mobile Enabled Solution

Solution Description

Auditors, inspectors, analysts, assessments form basis for any strategic key decisions and action forward. Assessments on complex variables interfacing with multitude of personnel whether internal or external requires intelligent questionnaires, capture quick responses and comprehend the summary of responses. Methods involve scoring, ranking based on responses, immediate followup based on earlier responses, comply to agreed policies or contract terms demand smart solutions

Types of Assessment

  • Supplier risk assessment

  • Know your customer (KYC)

  • Asset value assessment

  • Asset risk exposure assessment

  • Facility compliance assessment

  • Internal control assessment

  • Resource skills assessment

  • Product quality assessment

  • Process manufacturing assessment

  • Event based risk exposure assessment

NforcePro Assessment Solution

  • Maintain and manage library of critical Assets, Resources and Opportunities

  • Maintain and measure against criteria for assessments of Assets, Resources, Opportunities

  • Configurable questionnaires and check lists to trigger Assessments

  • Capture responses and summarize in real time reporting

  • Rank, score and qualification rules management

  • Easy to schedule and monitor Assessments

  • Trigger assessments based on qualified responses

  • Offline capability to capture and sync responses

  • Intelligent summarization and reporting of survey responses

Solution Benefits

  • Rapid implementation with library of best practices

  • Web based and hosted solution with minimal IT foot print

  • Mobile enabled interaction on smart phones

  • Save costs of system analysis, analysts expertise and IT investments

  • Derive quick and rapid returns with minimal subscription fees

Integrated GRC Platform

Effective Governance Risk Mitigation Control Assurance