NforcePro Document Management

Cloud and Mobile Enabled Solution

Product Description

Compliance is much broader than ensuring compliance with financial integrity legislation. Compliance seeks to establish minimum level of business performance with standard policies and procedures around processes, risks and controls. The increasing emphasis of compliance is to ensure that business decision making is based on accurate information. This drives a need for central repository of documentation of processes, policies and procedures easily readable, accessible to stake holders

NforcePro Offers document management feature with version control and workflow to enable corporates maintain central repository of processes, policies and procedures. The solution provides approval and review process before policies become active and operative. Any changes have to be approved and communicated before they are enforced

Methodology and Benefits

  • Central repository helps to maintain one version of truth across enterprise

  • Security and user access profile management helps to restrict access only to authorized owners

  • Any type of documents can be attached to master data objects with version management enabling users to view relevant documentation in the context of activity to be performed

  • Document category helps categorizing documents

  • Documentation can be attached to assessment surveys, test plans, incidents, issues and tract history

Integrated GRC Platform

Effective Governance Risk Mitigation Control Assurance