NforcePro Risk Management

Cloud and Mobile Enabled Solution

Product Description

The recent fall of market to its lowest ebb since 30 years of booming economy, corporate mismanagement and scandals, loss of brand image and market position, increased demand for transparency and accountability, need for information and infrastructure security, calls for greater emphasis for enterprise risk management. Any lapse, negligence or non compliance by companies is exposed to huge penalties and liabilities. Managing GRC has become increasingly complex and difficult due to fragmented systems, data inconsistencies, processes working in silos. This drives a need for a comprehensive solution to integrate GRC initiatives at enterprise level

NforcePro provides a holistic approach to enterprise risk management taking into consideration the operational risks within the company and external risks like market risk, credit risk etc. The solution has all inclusive incident management system Integrated with workflow for sending alerts and notifications about potential risks and impact on the organization. NforcePro helps in managing compliance risk and keep up with new commercial and corporate regulations

Risks like:
  1. Risks affecting globally like trade embargoes, changes in trade laws, war etc

  2. Market risks like stock price fluctuations, changes in demand patterns, economy etc

  3. Risks at corporate level like loss of revenue, lost customers or suppliers, legal conflicts, reputation, mergers, acquisitions etc

Methodology and Benefits

  • Risk repository provides executive management with clear visibility and exposure of enterprise risk and its cascading affect on the company down the hierarchy

  • Analyzes enterprise risk in the context of corporate objectives and strategy with dashboard and reports

  • Risk analysis enables to recognize the risk probability and ranking, assess the risk impact and focus resources according to the priority and risk appetite of the company

  • The rule framework and assessment module helps in quantifying and assessing risks

  • Indicator framework allows to define thresholds, monitor risks, trigger alerts and nofitications to risk managers and process owners

Integrated GRC Platform

Effective Governance Risk Mitigation Control Assurance