NforcePro Control Monitoring

Cloud and Mobile Enabled Solution

Product Description

Part of internal control framework is to document controls at process, transaction and application level.

Testing the controls most importantly at application level is critical to effective compliance and evaluation of internal controls. Typical assessment using data analysis is time consuming and takes place long after the transactions have occurred

NforcePro offers A robust control monitoring framework converting audit analysis procedures into a monitoring process for all transaction data. Tested with defined rules and parameters and run on scheduled basis, the solution generates exceptions and alerts automatically

Methodology and Benefits

  • The rule adapter framework aid in testing automatically

  • 100% transaction data is analyzed which is more accurate and effective testing

  • Can convert detective controls to preventive control with continuous and real time monitoring

  • Exercise better level control by identifying the problems in early stages

  • Identifies fraud, errors and inconsistencies

Integrated GRC Platform

Effective Governance Risk Mitigation Control Assurance