NforcePro Risk Monitoring

Cloud and Mobile Enabled Solution

Product Description

In evaluating risks many factors contribute to it. There are some factors that can increase the risk associated with a process. A globalised corporate has processes that span across different systems, countries and people. Millions of transactions are posted every day in more than one system and processes in real time. Executives make decisions based on such information and its utmost critical to take stock of risks in the process and periodically monitor them

NforcePro offers a robust framework for risk assessment and monitoring. Risks associated with processes can be identified and quantified. They can be ranked and periodically monitored

Methodology and Benefits

  • Risk repository helps in more visibility of risks and their impact on the processes

  • Indicators associated with processes alert the risk manager in case of any significant deviations from the benchmark

  • Ability to capture incidents occurring and plan against potential risks

  • Periodical monitoring helps in proactively manage risks and enhance effectiveness of processes

Integrated GRC Platform

Effective Governance Risk Mitigation Control Assurance