NforcePro Process Management

Cloud and Mobile Enabled Solution

Product Description

What are the driving factors for business process management in the context of governance, risk and compliance?

  • Business process spanning across different systems, countries and different regulations

  • Critical impact of non-compliance on companies and to raise the bar for effective Business Process Management

  • Setting best practice process standards for all organization units

NforcePro enables process management within companies to continuously assess processes, identify areas of risks, implement control measures and certify effectiveness of business processes across enterprise

Methodology and Benefits

  • Monitoring manually intensive processes to avoid potential risks and provide visibility into high risk processes

  • Proactively manage by deploying effective control procedures

  • Version management, approval and review of process documentation enables consistent truth across enterprise on latest processes

  • Performance dashboards, scoreboards to support visibility and accountability in processes

  • Certification provides improved assurance of process design and effectiveness by subjecting accountability on process owners

Integrated GRC Platform

Effective Governance Risk Mitigation Control Assurance