NforcePro Marine Terminal Assurance

Cloud and Mobile Enabled Solution

Solution Description

Downstream Oil companies require qualified marine terminals at the port. They have to ensure the terminals comply to qualification criteria in terms of size, dimensions, depths, access and other safety regulations. The qualification and availability have to be periodically assessed for subsequent operations. Manual and email interactions or telephone conversations are error prone and can impact scheduling operations

NforcePro Marine Terminal Assurance solution

NforcePro Solution Provides a robust best practice process to assess and qualify marine terminals on realtime basis. Maintain terminal assets with respective characteristics and qualification criteria. Schedule questionnaires and assessments for realtime capturing of responses. Rank and score terminals based on responses and trigger corrective action plans for remedial action

  • Manage Terminal assets with qualification criteria

  • Maintain qualification questionnaires and assessment templates

  • Setup terminal assessors roles and responsibilities

  • Schedule and trigger assessments

  • Capture offline or online responses

  • Automatically summarize responses and trigger corrective action plans

  • Remediate and review corrective action plan to comply with assurance standards

  • Compliance reporting

Solution Benefits

  • Ensure quality and safety procedures are complied for marine terminals

  • Save costs due to delayed qualification of terminals

  • Quick response and decision making based on realtime qualification summary reporting

  • Flexibility and adaptive to changing qualification criteria

  • Quick remedial action on identified issues (CAPA)

  • Compliance reporting

Integrated GRC Platform

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