NforcePro CAPA

Cloud and Mobile Enabled Solution

Solution Description

Capturing issues and Remedial corrective action plans is an all encompassing process in every audit, inspection and assessment activity. Capturing realtime issues and remediate based on priorities is critically important for effective audit or inspection process. Auditors, Assessors, Analysts and Inspectors are challenged with various point solutions or spreadsheets to capture issues and corrective action plans

NforcePro CAPA Solution

NforcePro CAPA Framework enables capturing issues and remedial action on real time basis. In the process of audit or inspection, CAPA solution provides ability to capture Issues with reference context and trigger workflow. The Issue owner can trigger a remedial corrective action plan for review and approval

  • Capture Issue during the audit cycle process

  • Create remedial corrective Action Plan for Issues

  • Send Issues for review and approval

  • Capture confidential comments

  • Maintain Audit trail and history of comments

  • Intelligent reporting of Issues by various categories - Assets, Processes, Facilities, Risks

  • Capture incidents based on early warning rules

  • Trigger Alerts and Notifications for quick attention and remedial action

Solution Benefits

  • Comprehensive view of Issues by Category, Priority and workflow status

  • Color coding with High, Medium and Low enables easy filter and focus on priority

  • Workflow and Task management based on Issue status and assignments

  • Capture Incident and risk exposure

  • Capture risk exposures based on risk incidents

  • Avoid and mitigate risk with rapid action plan and follow ups

  • Incident reporting

Integrated GRC Platform

Effective Governance Risk Mitigation Control Assurance